Start Sedating dogs nail clipping

Sedating dogs nail clipping

My wife helps, mainly applying shampoo when I tell her to.

(She's too fat for the classic rear leg to the sky posture, I think. I like having her itchy areas shaved, as it helps me keep an eye on the sores, and I think it makes here exfoliation baths easier. Fill one sink full with water at 102 to 105 degrees. Put the cat in the empty sink, rub on the cat shampoo first, then slowly pour a little water on her using a large plastic cup, dipping it from the other sink of warm water.

Control her head, and she will learn to tolerate it. If you need to wash the head, use a wet soapy cloth, and "lick" her with that.

The tip of the tail and didn't touch his head either. We can't afford the vet or a groomer but I've been a vet tech so sedating him is an option.

Piece of advice from the start, don't go cheap on the trimmer.

You do have to hold the cat firmly at some points but most of the time he didn't move that much.

I think he knew what I was doing and at some point actually started enjoying it.

Altough my cat loves to go out on the balcony he stays indoors most of the time.