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NOTE: In the version of this article initially published, some of the funding was stated incorrectly or missing; the Competing Financial Interests section was missing; and the citation to reference 15 was missing.

Fermentor scale experiments, however, are less efficient because the PEI-mediated transient tranfection is inhibited by conditioned medium.

Coordinated recombination of homologous antigen receptor loci is thought to be important for allelic exclusion.

F.), the Cancer Research Institute Predoctoral Emphasis Pathway in Tumor Immunology (B.

This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.

The EBV-based p REP vectors gave better transient gene expression when used in 293(EBNA) cells compared to HEK293 cells in suspension culture.

No differences in expression levels in the two cell lines were observed when the p C1 (CMV)-TNFR was used.

Abstract: The insect cell-baculovirus expression vector system (IC-BEVS) is a highly versatile system because it can express gene products of practically any origin (from bacteria to human tissue), and in contrast to most industrial mammalian cell culture systems, it is based on engineering only the vector and not the host cell line.