Start Lud zbunjen normalan 152 epizoda online dating

Lud zbunjen normalan 152 epizoda online dating

Ljubomir Bandović, Zlatan Zuhrić, Ksenija Marinković i Admir Glamočak su se prdružili glavnoj postavi na početku sezone.

Meanwhile, Enes and Šefika are in budding romance, but Šefika left Enes because of thong underwear which Enes 'bought' for her (actually, he has bought gloves, but the woman in shop screwed everything up).

This is a continuation from episode 43, where Izet thinks he is hallucinating things and people, while his doctor confirms that and Faruk and Damir try to use that to their advantage, but Izet has a surprise for them.

The following is an episode list for the Bosnian television series Lud, zbunjen, normalan, which airs on FTV. All episodes are written by Feđa Isović, and directed by Elmir Jukić.

Izet at first refuses because it is not a communist party, but a democratic one, but after Enes explains there will be a large amount of money involved he accepts, but something unexpected happens at the end.

Žan Marolt je unapređen u glavnu postavu u epizodi "Grupni seke".

godine Mustafa Nadarević, Senad Bašić, Moamer Kasumović, Jasna Žalica, Gordana Boban, Milan Pavlović, Tatjana Šojić, Saša Petrović, Zana Marjanović, Milena Dravić i Vanja Drach ulaze u glavnu postavu.

Gordana Boban i Milan Pavlović su napustili glavnu postavu posle epizode "Prokišnjavanje".