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Adriaen van der werff online dating

Van der Werf was born in the vicinity of Rotterdam and spent all his life in this city.

He was one of the most typical representatives of that era, which occurred after the flowering of Dutch art in the middle of XVII century.

As an artist he was able, however, failed to rise above the average level of art, but instead became his spokesman.

And if the author of this self-portrait may be criticized for excessive coldness and formality, then, referring to the technique of execution pictures, one can only admire.

The result of this process was the final penetration of the ideas of French academic art in Dutch art.

This 'psevdoaristokratizm' becomes the dominant style of the era.

Even Nicholas Mae, formerly a pupil of Rembrandt and master of scenes of domestic life, transformed into an elegant burghers claim artistic style.

Burghers, who are becoming richer, are beginning to look enviously at the aristocracy.